Technical requirements

To use all features of the conference platform, you need an up-to-date browser. Google Chrome is currently the most stable and reliable browser for using the conference platform. Firefox and Safari are browsers that should work but often less performant. The support staff is highly trained in resolving Google Chrome issues. If you are using a different browser than Google Chrome, MeetAnyway cannot provide in-depth troubleshooting support for you.

All lectures are broadcast via Zoom, so for the best experience we recommend you download Zoom before the start of the event. Alternatively, joining the Zoom Meetings is also possible via all common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge).

A video chat room is linked to each poster, where you can discuss during the poster sessions in small groups.

In addition, numerous video chat rooms are offered for exchange and networking.

If you want to test our default browser video chat before the event starts, you can visit the following page here: Here you simply have to click the green button „Join meeting“. You can also invite your colleagues to that link and test together. Please note that you might meet other people, who test at the same time as you do.

For video chats, permission to access your microphone and camera is required. Please note that firewalls of company or institute networks can also limit the functionality.